Apply For Tenancy

To apply for a rental application or make a general inquiry via phone, please give us a call at (604) 217-0279. To fill our application out in writing, please print out and fill our form here


  1. Landlord must complete all of Section A (Offer to Rent).
  2. If possible, remainder of form to be completed by Landlord interviewing Applicant.
  3. Full legal names of all Applicants are required.
  4. For credit reporting or other reference purposes, the two pages of this Application for Tenancy can be separated.
  5. If the pages are separated, the Landlord should enter the Applicant's name(s) and date of application on the second page.


Do not sign this Application for Tenancy unless:

  • You have read agree with all the information provided by the Landlord in Section A.
  • All the information you have provided is true and correct.


  • Do ensure the Applicant(s) sign this Application, giving you consent to do credit and reference checks.
  • Do not sign this Application for Tenancy unless and until you decide to accept the Applicant(s) as your new tenant(s).

THE LANDLORD OR LANDLORD'S AUTHORIZED AGENT (called the “Landlord”) will complete Section A.